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Immediately scale your business with state-of-the-art lead generation and digital automation strategies.

Imagine Having An Automated System, That Works 24/7 365, Delivering You Qualified Real Estate Leads & Appointments Every Single Day!

Stop Imagining… You Found It!

When it comes to marketing for your real estate business the world has evolved. Cold calling, door knocking, and sending out expensive mailers just aren’t the most effective and time efficient investment methods in 2019. 

With society spending large amounts of time online, combined with machine learning and artificial intelligence; targeting your ideal audience and selling to them has never been so easy and cost effective.

The Facts

According to the NAR (National Association of Realtors) Real Trends Report…


of people started their real estate search online.



of people found their agent online


of Buyer & Sellers worked with the first agent they had a conversation with!

With those statistics, leveraging the internet and online platforms like Facebook, Youtube and Instagram isn’t something we should ignore any longer. 

But the problem is…

You're Not A Digital Marketer...

You're The Closer!

That’s kind of the thing you excel at right? 

Save the complicated, techie stuff for us tech and marketing nerds who eat, sleep and breath this stuff.  

We will get you the leads and appointments so you can work that charm and close the deal!

Here's How it Works.




The entire online conversion process can be separated into four stages:


Stage 1:


The first step is all about targeting the right audience on the platform with the most traffic and presenting an offer they can’t refuse. 

We have hundreds of data tested real estate ads, proven to convert.

Stage 2:


After attracting the prospect, our system then captures their name, phone number, and email to convert the prospect into a lead. 

But we don’t stop there! Our 24/7 Inside Sales Agent team will call, text and email these leads for you with the goal of booking you dozens and dozens of qualified appointments per month. 

Stage 3:


Delivering the lead is where most agencies stop. But not us! Here we take it a whole lot further! 

Following up with hundreds of leads can be extremely tedious. That’s why we offer these high-converting solutions that help you engage with the lead immediately to strike while the irons hot!  

Automated Follow Up

  Long-term SMS Drip Sequence

  Prospects won't know it's automation

  Automation stops when lead replies

  Call forwarding

  Real-time conversation access

Human Powered Follow-Up

  Instant response, 24/7, 365 days a year
  10-touch follow-up via phone, SMS, and email
  Live transfer hot leads who are ready to talk
  Appointments directly on your calendar
  100% U.S. based & human powered

Stage 4:


Now, as we all know, capturing the lead is just the beginning. Every lead needs to be properly nurtured. 

That’s why we work with you to set up beautiful long-term automated follow-up drip sequences full of valuable emails, SMS automation, and Facebook messenger and retargeting ads!

We call it, “Total Omnipresence Domination!”

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